Amazon New Device 'Smart Thermostat' Worth $60 in Digital market.

Amazon Tech start the week by announcing a new smart thermostat. Amazon worked with Honeywell (and Resideo) to bring in the creation of this new device, but is keeping its own branding on the product (rather than, say, Ring, Blink or any of the other smart home companies it owns). The smart thermostat runs for $60, though amazon notes that many or even most homes will be able to buy it for a considerable discount with participating rebateshas.

The ideals behind the thermostat device is requiring every Individual user to apply as small as programming , possibly by tapping into the existing new development of Amazon/Alexa home ecosystem. This simply means the Energy Star device knows when you leave the house or are going to bed and can adjust the temperature accordingly using the “Hunch” feature. If you want more control from there, a user can control it more direct from a connected Amazon device.

Amazon says the new smart thermostat will be compatible with most 24Volts HVAC systems. The device sees Amazon taking on the Google-owned Nest thermostat line. At $60, however, the new offering is a fraction of the Nest’s $200 asking price. It’s not nearly as good looking as Google’s offering, of course, but there’s likely a large swath of the thermostat-buying public that just want a device that gets the job. 

Amazon’s clearly focused on simplicity here, with a big, bold temperature, arrow touch buttons and not much else. For the rest, that’s where connected Echo devices come in.