Making Growth on Twitter comes with Ease - Read Step by Step.

Twitter is a biggest social media which plenty opportunities to make a stipend swings , before thinking of making money , every Individual must first think of growing their twitter account , because without that there is no how money can be made.

According to my research Twitter cannot be compared to facebook , the first 100 followers is a very rapid step , as you follow people of your choice , people also follow back.

The very 100 to 1000 followers makes your journey faster in this achieving your goal , getting your followers count off from zero is a very important , you should understand that nobody will be the first to follow even celebrities and other important personality , you have to understand that how important connection & relationship in social media is as powerful.

Peoples goal on Twitter is  to learn and enjoy themselves . So if you tweet something on your timeline and you want people to interact with it, be sure to provide something attracting their interest.

in order to make a positive growth , you have to learn how to interact with people on Twitter not minding what gesture they return.

When you create positive emotion, that’s when you make fans and followers

Friends and fans are the foundation of your path to Twitter growth. They engage with your tweets and that’s the only way your tweets will get more reach