Why do you need to save from your income ? Number 3 Reason Hit The Nutshell.

Saving from your income never come with ease, but it is all to your individual benefits and in order not to regret in the future.
Every Individual who has a income to earn have to save in order not to regrets in the future , and different benefit moreover especially for foreseen expenses , but here are some reason below why you need to save from your earned income.

1. To Avoid Future Regrets.
Future regrets is simply a disadvantage and unbenefits that cannot be seen but only few time to come and it is in two perspective as explained below.
Many people who are retired , sacked or who has resign from their job which is their source of income are majorly regreting now , because there was no savings during the time they are working and earning their income, but In some people's case it is vice versa , many have avert the future regrets by saving from their income during their service in work , time of earning big income and so on.

2. To Settle Unforeseen Expenses.
Unforseen expenses is simply money spent out or services in return when you cannot predict , emergency need and so on.
Your savings is like your financial power house and a income saved is just like a income earned , and it mostly in likely cases that your power house should be charged and this is when you cultivate the habit of good savings , but it will be in vice versa if the power house is low because your saving habit is bad , however the cases might be , you can only settle unforeseen or unforetold expenses when the financial power house is high , when you can dip hand into your saving to settle it , and this is one of the reason why you need to save from your income.

3. Freedom To Live Well
Regular saving is the way of building gradual wealth , saving has helped a lot in my life journey and this is simply because I have cultivate the habit , the freedom to live well is in the power of savings and below is the practically example.

Mr Kola has saved up to #3,600,000 (Three million & Six hundred Thousand Naira) at Age 45 from his earned income of 100,000 for some years now , he started the work at age 35 , and no he couldn't predict as something unfortunate happened in his place of work , eventually he got sacked , he took his money from the bank , where the end of every month he saved #30,000 , after he took the money he started a Good business with the Three million Naira and made some end meet renewals & bought some life suitaining provisions with the remaining 600,000.
The business he stared deliver an earn as little as #30,000 to #50,000 on it , probably now he has a freedom to live well.

Now the main point of this little story is that , if he didn't have saving , where will he had put his hope in? and what has this saving done to his life , let me live you with that question.