Check out Covid-19 Treatment Pill That Worth 400k (Photos & Video)

Merck (Washington Ap) , a drugmaker, asked U.S. regulators Monday for permission to market its COVID-19 treatment pill. This would be an entirely new and simple-to-use tool in the fight against pandemics.

The first pill to treat the condition would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration if the decision is made within weeks. All FDA-backed COVID-19 treatments need an IV or injection.

People could make their own antiviral pills at home, which could help reduce symptoms and speed up recovery. This could also ease the heavy caseload in U.S. hospitals. It may also help curb outbreaks in developing countries that have weaker health care systems. It would also support the two-pronged approach: treatment by medication and prevention mainly through vaccinations.

Before making a final decision, the FDA will examine data from companies about the safety and effectiveness molnupiravir.