Chinese Government Removes Bible & Quran From Appstore - See Reason.

Amazon has Uninstall Bible and Quran applications from the Apple Store in China country as it tends to clamp down on internet companies.

Amazon taken the action as a result of chinese government request they have received. The Affected Application source owner explained that chinese government had request to remove their application and they count it as growth to improve a regulatory offer for internet companies in China.

Following up Chinese Government also have faced criticisms for various unconventional practices, ranging from political repression, censorship, and mass surveillance of citizens.

On Thursday, Microsoft also report china has done the same thing for linked in operation to stop in the country. Microsoft also report said it faced a "a strict operating environment and a difficult compliance"

The U.S. tech company said it took its significant process in the wake of stringent regulatory requirements imposed on the professional networking site by Chinese Authorities.


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