Davido Became The First African Artiste to Acheive This , Read Full Interview with 'Trevor Noah'.

The South African host of The Daily Show 'Trevor Noah', examined Davido from Nigeria to see if he was enjoying American voguishness, and the global artistic supremacy enjoyed by Afrobeats artistes. 

 Davido, real-name David Adeleke at the moment, has nearly three and half million Spotify fans and is one the main artists who brought Afrobeats to the international stage. His net worth is estimated at $25 million, and he is only ?. Noah talked to David Adeleke about his 2016 first contract with Sony. 

"Noah believes Davido's rise to stardom has erased his "inferiority" toward American pop culture. Noah said that we were like "oh America is superior to us, the UK was better; everything in Africa was better than us." " Nigeria was a country that has long been a center for breaking artists such as Fela Kuti. In the '70s, Afrobeats was used by rappers Falz to draw attention to the country's experiences with political corruption, terrorism and power abuse. 

This description, which is popular all over the world, has the power to bring attention to issues that affect African countries such as Nigeria. For the Nigerian diaspora, reports suggest that there are 1.24million emigrants hailing from Nigeria. Artists such as Davido are a celebration of their artistic heritage and a way to link them with their culture. 

Davido is the utility most popular African on Instagram with 21.2 million followers. His song "Fall" was the Billboard charting song in Nigeria, and remained there for four weeks. Davido claims that it was the love the diaspora has shown for his music that led to some of his successes. He stated that it started from New York and Atlanta, with Nigerians telling Davido in the club, "Yo I want to spend plenty $ now but play Davido s music when my bottles come out, 

"Davido may have not been born into a family of lumbered people. His father, a Nigerian billionaire and businessman, funded his education in Alabama. He then dropped out of school to run Adeleke University's only music scholar.