Five Ways To Be Productive and Acheive Something in Few Time .

No one is perfect with Time management , everyone is guilty of mis-managing out Time , however many Individuals need to check in their time management skills and this is very good for people who have find their weakness to be very bad in Time-management.

Here are the five ways you can increase productivity and Acheive more in few Time.

1. Giving yourself acommolade for Finishing a Big Task.
To keep going , you have to always reward and praise yourself for every step you go forward in each task , keep celebrate your small wins this is simply because many didn't see at all and so whenever you struggle about moving forward , you can see how far you have gone.

2. Avoid Multitasking
Heavy findings have shown that Multitasking kills Productivity and this is simply because in the process of using one stone to kill two birds , you may not kill any one , and at the end you may not have suceed in anything , so simply focus one by one on a thing.

3. Make a Start
Start Anyhow , start now! , Starting is the most difficult part of success and once you start , believe me , with time you are done , and the mistake people make it they tend to wait for perfect time with perfect condition , there is nothing like that ,make a start today.

4. Listen to Podcasts
According to Lifehack articles , Listen to Educative podcasts or audio books , as Audio also gives power to learning to add time to your day.
This is some recommendations to it - 11 Podcasts to inspire you

5. Give yourself A Break.
You can't be working like a clock non-stop , learn to give yourself a break , to see how far you have gone and the mistakes to be corrected , you should shoot out for working in short time and your productive time.