Guilding Heart Tools That Help you stay Away From Online Sexual Clips.

This so-called sexual clips are immorality instrument the devil strategically use to deceive and trap people into hell fire even while on earth.

The sexual clips keep appearing to you as you go to browse online and explore media stuff on internet , and this is not your fault because that is kind of atmosphere we already live under.

Now , in as much this sexual clips appear , it's your responsibility to know how to handle yourself , if you allow the video to lead you into watching another video that will lead you into the journey of another immorality video , it's not the fault of those that shared the video or the web you found , it's now fully your fault.

At this point ,  I have found a free soft solution to it , by highlighting some heart guilding tool to GUILD YOUR MIND WITH DELLIGENCE.

Guilding your Heart is a practical Exercise

1. Guilding your Heart is a practical Exercise that you need to carefully do when online.

2. Do not Expose yourself watching sexual related videos , avoid any platform that emphasize on sexual related stuff.

3. Do not try checking comment section of posts that are sexually related , The moment you check it , it may result in clicking the play bottom.

4.Do yourself a Favour not to do any reaserch for any trending sexual news you hear about.

5. If at all you have watched it , PUT A STOP NOW!

6. Lastly , Avoid discussing on subject matter related to sexual stuffs , there are other Productive and godly topics you can talk about.

7. Get your Mind busy with productive things.

I wont leave you without bringing this to your notice , Below is a daily bible verses you need to study always , they your mind engage godly.



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