This is what fraudster Do , They Don't need your Password to Transfer your Money , Learn More.

FRAUD is the new hustle. This is where the internet can be used to deceive individuals and con them out of their money. 


Wikipedia Payment card Because it is so prevalent among Nigerian youth, it is imperative that you take note of the important information we'll be sharing with your in this essay. 

 These men are often called " Yahoo Men" and are famous for their lavish lifestyle. This group has many details about how these scam artists cheat individuals, even without their ATM card. Online trading is a trend. 

Many people today would prefer to shop online for commodities using Atm cards and card legs. These tricksters know these and make a lot of money by making shady spots where products can be publicized at low prices to lure preys. Do not fall for the cheap prices and reveal your bank details to them if you're not sure. Did you know that every time you turn on your smartphone, you get a message acclaiming that you won a blessing (workstations phones and multitudinous other). 

At that point you will be asked to confirm it and coordinate to send your bank and existent information for delivery. Do not fall for this. If you do, your account may be in danger. No matter what state your record is in, they will continue to screen it. If you know of someone who has been scammed, please share it with your friends to spread awareness.