Tik-tok and How they gained a Billion Active Users Strategy.

Tik-Tok has been one of the active and focused social media that refused to give up, the net information also recorded it has been launched in 2017 and today it has hit the nut she'll at the acheivement of 1 billion active users.

Moreover , despite the some geo-political social challenges it faced in some countries like india and united states, it still came up as the best to acheive this.

The TikTok mission has been the avenue to create creativity and inspire joy and today , they are celebrating over 1 billion active users with the tiktok community and it's in record that more than one (1) billion active users now visit Tik tok as they entertain , laugh , learn and discover new things.

Tik Tok has also become part of people's culture and social influence of people's lifestyle from lifestyle , music , food , fashion and art and this actually defines that culture start from Tik Tok.

Tik Tok extend their appreciation to all their creator over the world , africa and other places in the world , they talked on how relevant the creator has influenced and inspire most artistes and important personality on the application , also the community who lifted it and everyone who has positive influence that has pushed the application till date.