Waoh! See How much Squid Game Has Made from Streaming and Downloads.

"Squid Game" is the biggest series in Korean drama to snatch the top trend on Netflix in the United States, and has even boom interest among people in learning Korea.

Squid Game," Netflix Inc biggest original series launch, is estimated to be worth almost $900 million for the streaming giant, Bloomberg News reported late on Saturday, citing figures from an internal Netflix document.

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According to Bloomberg News , Netflix has estimate the biggest original series Launched to approximately have a crossed over $900 million for the streaming purpose , from an internal netflix source.

The nine-episode thriller, in which cash-strapped contestants play childhood games with deadly consequences in a bid to win 45.6 billion won ($38.58 million), became an international hit after it launched last month.

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In comparing the production cost to it's estimated net worth, the show cost just $21.4 million to produce, Bloomberg said.

Netflix announced early that the Squid Movie has up to 111 million fans according to their database , but the bloomberg came to announced that it was According to old report and that is not the recentm

Netflix also estimated that 90% of people who started the show watched more than one episode, the news agency said, and 66% of the viewers finished watching the series in the first 23 days.

Netflix refuse to comment on the report. An attorney for the company told Bloomberg that it would be inappropriate for Bloomberg to disclose the confidential data contained in the documents that it had rechecked again.

In China, where Netflix is unavailable without a VPN, a Beijing bakery has introduced a Squid Game-themed confection-making challenge in its store.

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