Always Learn from The Past - Tosinaija Speaks

 Your past is a wayback to learn!!! , Your past is the one responsible for your improvement.

Everyone has made a mistake and this has made them encounter how their past came into existence, it's never easy to lean on the past to improve further , but making up your mind that you want to learn from it will help you alot , also at a time you must be able to sum up your mind that you do not want to make such mistake again will be a way forward to a lasting solution to recover from your past.

Your past is the best teacher to teach you better , never let it weak you and don't look into the weak aspect of it , this is simply because the more you look , the weaker you get.

Everyone that must improve in life must find a means to learn from their past , observe those things that made them fail , find solutions and work it into reality in order way to see result. It is after this you can certify your self to have be a lengend and also teach others to emulate that same steps that have worked for you.

Do not allow same mistake to throw you down twice , always learn once from it and this is the main reason why you have to calm down to observe what ever mistake that have occur in the past and find a solution by a good means to solve it , training yourself not to make such thing to repeat itself , finally it is very important to work on yourself , learn once and try to find a lasting solution to promblems facing you.