Sensational act "G.piano" sets to release another sound titled "orobo"

Sensational act G.piano who has been on a break is back to lift the hit titled "OROBO" which the fans has been expecting him to release. 

Another hit "OROBO" which people have been expecting is afterwards on the process to a taste, the sensational sound produced by originality producer "DJ CHILL"

Nevertheless, while capping the sound release for the fans it is valuable to listen to the lyrics so as to enable the message to digest and interpret in fans hearing. 

The track "OROBO" on the set to be released is a powerful sound moving to spread enormous and meaningful message to fans and everyone. 

Certain guidelines for explicit sound are outline on the graphics and strictly to be adhere to if notified to the fans. 

Content typed and arranged by TosinaijaNG