Uefa Champions League : Liverpool Mo'sallah Sets For Revenge , Want to play Real Madrid Since 2018.

Liverpool F.C never forget those memories but hopefully have moved on gloriously, since the night in Kyiv four years back, but only this memories remain fresh in Salah brain as he sets to take revenge.

This will put a motivation through for as he runs out at the Stade de France on Saturday night , the facts remains that the pain of the shoulder injury which forced him to leave the field before half-time in Kyiv that year.
While he also utter this speech “It was the worst moment of my career,” he said on Wednesday. “I never felt that way before in football.”

Mo'sallah also remembers the tears and the sadness he experience the appallingly-timed selfie request from Nusret ‘Salt Bae’ Gokce out the dressing room. 

Sallah also said -
If you ask me personally, I want to play Madrid,” he said, that familiar smile spreading across his face. “Because we lost in the final against them.”

The honesty is refreshing. How many footballers would have avoid the question with some platitudes about “two tough opponents” or how “the only thing that matters is ourselves.”

Salah didn’t. He wanted Madrid. He has wanted Madrid since 2018.