Update/Additional of New Post Category on Our Website.

Additional of New Sport category on Ist of August 2022 on Tosinaija.com. (TosinaijaNG)

This is to inform all our advertisers , Users , Fans and Publishers (PR) , that as from 1st of August 2022 , we have adherely added New sport category to our website.

Therefore , we have impose this for the reasons been that sport niche category could not specify exactly what will post , beyond the fact that sport niche is broken down to football and other sport activities , definitely we have come to the peak of more than numerous post , and therefore to comply to Google policies and to what future advertisers will be looking out for , partner . Moreover we have definitely adhere to post category compliance laws.

Newly sport category have been added and updated to our website "Premier League category , La Liga category , Bundesliga category, Serie A category , Ligue 1 category ,UEFA Europa League English Football League, Champions League category , African League category and other football countries leagues"

On a right bases , different categories analysed will make users go for the best of what they want exactly , and this has given a clear distinction that it will improve a customer search service improvement.