Five (5) Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo With Different Coach that Shook Social Media.

1. A finger in the Air with Erik Ten Hag.
Cristiano Ronaldo with his boss Erik Ten Hag , the look of this picture keep the face of ronaldo looking serious as he imitate his coach by pointing a finger in the air.

2. Demonstrated Hand in Right Direction.

Ronaldo is always focus , he is trying to practically demostrate what the coach is saying to really show, maybe he understand it or not.
This is caption demonstrated hand in right direction. This is presently in Manchester United.

3. Pointed Hand at the Left Side

Ronaldo with his Portugal boss as both of them point hand in the left side , in this photo the coach look serious more than Cristiano itself , another beautiful caption it is.

Roanldo is known as Portugal professional footballer also.

4. Mouth to face Contact

Mouth to face Contact with Ronaldo former boss is the least of this nice caption out of this beautiful photos listed above.
This picture is translated to either a sign or mutual agreement between the coach and Ronaldo in which anyone does not know.

5. Edge over mouth open
portugal boss and Ronaldo standing fit and the caption is best named edge over while their mouth is open.
The best on social media can never taste well than all this all these photos and in different categories with different caption.


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