Tosinaija The plug media is the Main household that create the branch www.tosinaija.com , it was created back in 2015 and it was later operated in the 2020's.

Tosinaija CEO passion for blogging has given a huge drive into the Information & media way and this has given an avenue for the creation of the website.

Back then in 2015 , the journey started like a play , and a lots of motivation has actually been of help , the interest was developed back then in secondary , the passion and how to come about it and as the year goes by things become better , with the use of mobile phones and the information gathered , the first blogspot I created was the first I started before migrating to wordpress.
Before creating Tosinaija , I have also worked with different bloggers & Websites.

For visiting our website , kindly explore all types of information you need , editorials , entertainment , articles , real Content and all sorts.
Be a good ambassador and don't harm in any way. kudos to your journey.

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