Did Covid 19 Pandemic increase The use of Social Network in the world , How?

The Social Network is a big community just like physical world which connect everyone together not minding their location virtually.

Before Covid-19 pandemic , Alot of activities are done daily without interruption and many daily based connection are passed on in the same social Network virtually.

 The increase use of Social Network is one of the most far measured output of covid-19 Pandemic Happenings, and in the other side it has create a new chanllenges for the communication sector , Even many people who do not use social network too much had no choice but to make use of it , this also contribute to how covid-19 increase The use of Social network.

Many Individuals who want to get current update on Covid-19 News also get to stay to the use of Social network for a correct & accurate update , this ways also increase The use of Social network medium in each community in the world. Within the baseline of new age sustainability , the rate in which internet consumption, especially social network are very high , their offers in social benefit is without a review.

In conclusion , to this view point as discussed , even without measuring a scale of preference for internet and social media users , the covid-19 pandemic really increase The use of Social media in each community in the world.