Five Nigerian Celebrities and The Social Community That Made Them Popular.

Celebrities should have been so hard to discover if without the existence of this virtual social community , the social network existence does not only contain facebook , twitter that are populally known but there are other left behind , especial music community for the celebrities known today.

Thanks to Spotify Music social community and Twitter social network , all in the name of social network many things has been done and put in place , this two social community has put WIZKID in the space of fame in the world and this point can't be argued so far , but up till date they are still behind WIZKID and greatly they are supporting him.

DAVIDO is a popular Nigerian music celebrity , Instagram and twitter has been his upback since he assume to the position of fame in the celebrity space, davido and photos are like 5&6 dive like a celebrity into-modelling , he dispersed photos in his page and in there , he became the most followed nigerian celebrity on Instagram also on twitter social community is where he expressed his mind to his fans.

Audiomack is a popular music community mostly used by iphone users , the chemistry behind how omah lay blow today is between him and audiomack , and it is all well better because Audiomack has gained more engage users.
Also Instagram social community has stand as back up for OMAH LAY and they finally placed him the space of fame , the work Audiomack started instagram perfected it , That is a nice combo.

We should give appraisal to youtube in the journey of WOLI AJE WOLE Comedy skit , a Nigerian Comedian along with his boy DELE and their disciples , they are knows as one of the youtube growing stars today and this have make them reached a hall of fame for a reward of their hardwork.
They are always on trending list of youtube whenever they release their comedy video skit.

Facebook everyday like a daily manner , the celebrity comedian AY who has been current on facebook social media has gained more attention than other celebrities in Nigeria ,and facebook pays the role back , this has placed in the well deserved hall of fame today.
Ay comedian videos are always display time he was versatile in comedy skits and videos and also during his time , he sells more video disc than any comedian.