How to solve Network issues on your mobile phone when surfing the internet. (Part 2)

3. Switch your Mobile Data Connection
An individual environment determines the type of mobile data connectivity you should use , 3G might be faster than 4G in some environment and also Vice versa , and 2G might be the best , this method usually in check if an individual change environment , But atimes there might be switch whereby normally it switches. 

4. Off & Reconnect your Mobile Data
When facing Network issues , Try and off your Mobile Data and reconnect back instantly , that should be the first thing you should try before any other method , but  do not try it one time , but as many as possible , it may be done 4 to 5 times , and at the end you might not experience so horrible again , this method in check reduce the network issues and fix up.

5.Suitable Network Provider for your Environment
If any of this 1 to 4 method is not working , then apply this final solution , try do your research and find a suitable network provider for your Environment and stop wasting your time by facing network issues all the time , this method in check comes in if you want to put an end to facing challenges from network  issues, and finally it is a way of breaking a norms from the problem service providers causing for their users.