How to solve Network issues on your mobile phone when surfing the internet. (Part 1)

How to solve network issues when accessing your social media.

On a daily basis , we browse and surf through the internet (Social media) with our network service and it is likely or we do face some little challenges, and it is very important to know how to solve this problem and find possible solution to them whenever they occur.

There are always similar problems in different areas on the internet and every Individual dealing with their own on separate path , but the most common demon and at the same time a saver is the issue of Network palava.

Another aspect of this network issue is , a user should be able to identify if it is a network issue , and the next thing to do is what are the solutions?

What are the solutions?

1. Extend your Data limit.
Whenever you are facing network issues from your network providers , first thing that should come into your mind is , have you extend your Data limit , because your data might still be available but might have reach the limit you set for it and therefore it may bring about network issues for you , whereby disconnection takes place automatically without a flux in your network wave , so be careful to check out your Data limit.

2.Switch off your Mobile Phone
Network issues can be fixed through this way , an accurate 80percent solution comes from this method and it is done by switching your mobile phone , leaving it for some minute before switching it on back , a form of rebooting everything in your mobile device , it relief the central Nervous system of your mobile device from stress and everything is back to normal , both the network connectivity and everyother things.